Trevor Hauver now has everyone's attention

 "Don't sleep on his power."

This has been the mantra when I speak to scouts about Trevor Hauver since long before the 2021 season started. Here we are five games in and none of them would have predicted the thunderous explosion Hauver has had at the start of his career. 

The 2021 draft came and went, and was a relatively quiet year compared to most. With abbreviated seasons and/or cancellations, there was a lot of mystery surrounding the draft and many of the picks. Trevor Hauver was not a mystery, but as a third round pick he wasn't the talk of the town either. 

Hauver played outfield in college, mainly because he was buried behind some major talent in the Arizona State infield. To his credit, he took to it nicely and can now play outfield too. The Yankees believe Hauver is best suited at second base, which is why they have him there to start the season. He has a so-so arm so his options are limited to second, left field, or first base. He will likely play all three at one point or another in his career.

Hauver has been compared to a broad array of players, including Daniel Murphy and Nick Solak. While there are some questions surrounding where he will end up defensively, his offensive skills are apparent. Trevor has patience and can hit the ball to all fields. He also has high exit velocities and the ability to square up the ball frequently. There is a loft to his swing. All of this spells a high average, high on base hitter with power. That's just about everything you can ask for from a hitter. 

With the way Hauver has exploded to start the 2021 season, it may not matter what position he plays. At this rate, it appears a promotion to High-A is in his not-so-distant future. With six homeruns and a .556 average, it's safe to say Hauver has announced his presence, and now the whole scouting world is paying attention. He also has a .654 OBP and a 2.265 OPS. These numbers are unsustainable, but it has to be mentioned that this is the best start I have ever seen a Yankees prospect get off to. That means something, but only Hauver can show us where it will lead him someday. For now, the Yankees must be thrilled to have drafted him in the third round of a pandemic draft.


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