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The 2025 All-Homegrown Yankee

  It is fun to imagine what would happen if the Yankees traded every player who was originally from another team and stuck only with homegrown talent. This is a fun exercise, and in no way is the author suggesting that the Yankees should do this. It’s just for kicks.   The criteria for this list are as follows:   1. The player must have spent at least one full season in the Yankees minor leagues. 2. The player must currently be in the Yankees system, including both the major and minor leagues. 3. Every player currently on the roster who does not meet the above criteria will be traded or released sometime over the next three seasons in this hypothetical scenario.   C – Austin Wells – If the catching skills are merely average, the Yankees are going to want his bat in the lineup. Slotting in a lefty starting catcher would provide great balance to the lineup, especially with Wells being a power threat.   Predicted line: .267/.345/.500/.845 with 24 HR, 32 doubles, 75