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Stock rising : Yankees hitting prospects making big strides

Starting from Triple-A and moving down, here are the position player prospects who have made the most progress since 2019 when they last played in the minors. Many of these players are still sleepers, but they won’t be for much longer if this success continues. 1. Trey Amburgey – OF, 26-years-old – Amburgey did make big progress in 2019, where he finished with 22 homeruns and an .822 OPS. The start he is off to puts that line to shame though. In just 13 games, he has five homeruns and five doubles with a .404/.451/.830/1.281 line. This is obviously not a sustainable pace, however he is making a loud argument to get some playing time for the major league team. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before he plays in the majors somewhere, and his stock is rising rapidly. 2. Hoy Jun Park – SS/2B, 25-years-old – Up until now, Park’s career high in homeruns is seven in 110 games. So far this year, he already has six homeruns in just 25 games. He also has five doubles and five stolen bas

Trevor Hauver now has everyone's attention

 "Don't sleep on his power." This has been the mantra when I speak to scouts about Trevor Hauver since long before the 2021 season started. Here we are five games in and none of them would have predicted the thunderous explosion Hauver has had at the start of his career.  The 2021 draft came and went, and was a relatively quiet year compared to most. With abbreviated seasons and/or cancellations, there was a lot of mystery surrounding the draft and many of the picks. Trevor Hauver was not a mystery, but as a third round pick he wasn't the talk of the town either.  Hauver played outfield in college, mainly because he was buried behind some major talent in the Arizona State infield. To his credit, he took to it nicely and can now play outfield too. The Yankees believe Hauver is best suited at second base, which is why they have him there to start the season. He has a so-so arm so his options are limited to second, left field, or first base. He will likely play all three